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Testimonials by participants:

"If you don't make the call, you'll never know or reach your full potential. After one week I am motivated, fitter and more confident to go to the next level."
Jayne Taylor

"I can away with much more than a week of intense training. Having the information session over breakfast and dinner taught me much more about myself as a trainer, a client and as a person."
Rob Posterino | Personal Trainer

"Participating in Shannan boot camp has given me much greater knowledge of my body training and nutrition. Within  a month of participating in my first boot camp I was the lightest and fittest I've been since a young teenager. Even without the fitness component just the daily lessons alone provided by Shannan are so valuable that I wish my family was able to have been there to benefit from hearing them."
Adam Barney

Saturday Morning Boot Camp with Bob Breen

Everyone loves bootcamps but not everyone has time for a full week workout. What Bob has done is create this weekly Saturday morning sessions for everyone to wind down for the week. This is for those living in Bali, it is also for guests of the hotel, restaurant and for visitors staying in other hotels. It gives you a balance of exercising all the muscles in the body and helps tone the body for better health and feel good factor. 
Caution though this can be addictive and you may want to keep coming back again and again.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. When is this event, venue and time?

A. Every Saturday, at 7am, meet at the gym and move down to the beach for the training session.

Q. What does it cost for participation?

A . IDR 200,000 per person. Paid on the same day at the gym.

Q. What is the dress attire ?
A. Sports attire, shoes or no shoes is upto you since it is on the beach.

Q. What sort of exercises do we do for an hour?
A. Variety of exercises with kettle bells- sandbags- bus Tyres- battles ropes- sledge hammers- dumb bells-Jerry cans- body weight exercises 

Q. What happens if I have some ailments?
A. It is best to inform Bob of any ailments to guide you correctly with the training and not detrimental to your ailments.

Q. What happens if it rains?
A. Training will move the gym in the event of rain but still bootcamp style session

See you there, why wait? If there is questions or you wish to do a private group session for limited pax on a weekday, do let us know by