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Testimonials by participants:

"If you don't make the call, you'll never know or reach your full potential. After one week I am motivated, fitter and more confident to go to the next level."
Jayne Taylor

"I can away with much more than a week of intense training. Having the information session over breakfast and dinner taught me much more about myself as a trainer, a client and as a person."
Rob Posterino | Personal Trainer

"Participating in Shannan boot camp has given me much greater knowledge of my body training and nutrition. Within  a month of participating in my first boot camp I was the lightest and fittest I've been since a young teenager. Even without the fitness component just the daily lessons alone provided by Shannan are so valuable that I wish my family was able to have been there to benefit from hearing them."
Adam Barney

Bali Boot Camp with Shannan Ponton

Bali Boot camp will have a new venue which will be adbertised by the organizer asap

Set in the beautiful surrounds of Bali, Seaside Bali is a Boutique beach side hotel set at Blue Ocean Beach that hosts Shannan Ponton’s Bali Boot Camps.

Shannan Ponton’s Boot Camp will challenge you physically and mentally and push you to your own limit to achieve your personal best. "NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND"

This boot camp is suitable for everyone of any age and fitness level, from the elite athlete to those looking to increase their fitness level. With his vigorous drive that inspires and encourages you to reach your personal best in all aspects of life, Shannan will challenge the physically fit person looking to take their fitness to the next level or inspire those that need that little extra motivation to take control of their fitness.

Shannan Ponton leads by example and you will find him often participating as well as leading the program. The workouts are both versatile and challenging focusing on muscle, core and cardiovascular workouts.

If you are interested in improving your overall physical and mental well-being, then this is the boot camp for you.

This boot camp package is a land package only and includes - Accommodation, Meals, Transport to and from the airport, Daily training sessions with Shannan Ponton and Daily Health and Nutrition lessons with Shannan Ponton.

Seaside Bali offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites with absolute beachfront access. During your stay you will enjoy private bedroom and bathroom access with the main living and kitchen area shared.

Shannan Ponton’s Bali Boot Camp is a life changing experience and places are strictly limited.  

The next boot camps are:

Dates : Sunday 4 March 2018 to Saturday 10 March 2018
Dates : 17 June( Sunday) to 23 June ( Saturday) 2018
Dates : Sunday 18 November 2018 to Saturday 24 November 2018


To book your place today please contact:

One Management Group and Consulting

Phone: +61 3 9676 9990