Seaside restaurant caters for small and big birthday events, wedding anniversary, small corporate events, small groups for lunch/dinner via agents. It can be customized based on guests needs. The event will not be private if it is a small group.

There are options for guests to choose from. They can order items from the a la carte as finger food and we will display this together. They can also buy per person basis of set finger food menu.

Birthday cake can also be ordered with the restaurant. We have a few options and prices range based  how many guests will attend the event.

Seating facilities is benches and long tables that can sit 6 - 8 pax and 4 pax. You can tell us how you like the seating to be.

Bar tab arrangements can be done easily. If we have clear instructions, we can action this according to guest requirements.

Decorations for birthday function if you have and wish to bring your own, that is something we have no issue.

Music, if you have an ipod with music, we can help you play the music. If there is a function that day based on how many pax we will not screen our normal movie program.