Seaside restaurant caters for weddings, small or big. It customizes based on guests needs.

There are options for the wedding dinner which is buffet or a la carte. The difference is a la carte can even be Mexican food. This differentiates us from other products available in the market.Buffet is basically and Asian buffet or International buffet. We do permit mix and match but the price can vary.

Wedding cake can also be ordered with the restaurant. We have a few options and prices range from how many guests will attend the wedding.

Seating facilities is benches and long tables that can sit 6 - 8 pax and 4 pax. If chairs are required, these can be arranged and there will be a cost for this.

Bar tab arrangements can be done easily. If we have clear instructions, we can action this according to guest requirements.

Decorations cost money for the flowers, banana trunk and candles etc. Canopy is based on need basis and can be arranged with a cost. There is already existing lightings on the trees and on the roof top. Any extra, special lights require can be arranged at a cost.

Music, live band is on request basis and we permit this but there will be some charges for special cases and no charges for other cases. This totally depends on what the guest want.